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Last Updated on Wednesday, 5 August 2020 at 10:27 PM

Adguard is the best way to get rid of annoying ads, online tracking and to protect your computer from malware. Common ad blockers are implemented as browser extensions, while Adguard works on a network level and is not subject to all limitations which a browser impose on its extensions. The cornerstone of any ad blocker’s work is blocking of requests to ad materials on a web page (banners, scripts). In order to hide the broken and blocked elements the additional cosmetic processing of pages with CSS is needed. Adguard works on a network level, so the most of ad elements are cut from the code even before the page is loaded to the browser. Firefox, Chrome, Yandex Browser, Internet Explorer, whichever browser you are using, Adguard will work equally well in all of them. Adguard checks each network query through the database that contains more than 1500000 phishing and malicious websites. Are you annoyed by ads in Skype, uTorrent and other applications? Just enable their filtering in Adguard settings.

Ad Blocker could be considered as the magnum opus if AdGuard was an art company. Nevertheless, the main idea behind it is that it’s the Ad Blocker which is the central system. The Ad Blocker removes all the unwanted ad banners, messages, and pop-ups to which one is indifferent. Ad Blocker blocks all the ads and pop-ups that you want to filter out. It does all of this even before the website is loaded and helps in dodging a lot of traffic. Thus, the web pages load faster and improve your internet browsing speeds as well.

Ad Blocker removes ads, but one should make no mistake that AdGuard provides us with a lot of filters and is completely flexible with our needs. One can allow ads from selected sites and block ads from other sites. One can even completely stop the AdGuard from blocking ads for a specific amount of time and then resume it once needed. AdGuard offers numerous filters, and one can configure them in the Ad Blocker’s Filters Section. As they are connected to AdGuard Servers, Filters get constantly updated. In a nutshell, AdGuard blocks ads efficiently and enhances your browsing experience according to your needs.

As ads are also becoming a medium for criminals to collect user’s private and important information, it is very important to safeguard oneself from such websites. Ad Guard’s Browsing Security module helps in tackling the security issue. It helps the user from becoming the victim of phishing activities by instantly recognizing fake and malicious websites created solely for trapping users and acquiring their private information such as passwords, bank account, credit card details, etc.

The user is provided the freedom of selecting when to enable the Browsing Security and also how one wants to get notified for blocked requests. Thus, along with ad blocking, it is appreciated that Ad Guard has taken considerable steps for secure browsing as well.

Whenever one visits a website, it may be possible that the website may collect data such as your IP, data about your browser and even the page you were redirected from and also some system details. So, trackers can easily track your online browsing history and even some sensitive information which you may want to protect.

By enabling Stealth Mode, one is able to protect one’s privacy and all the personal information. In this mode also, Ad Guard provides a lot of flexibility as to how you want the mode to work. So, one can adjust according to one’s needs. There are different groups in which the Stealth Mode settings are divided namely, General, Tracking Methods, Browser API, and Miscellaneous. The General part contains all the normal options of enabling and disabling your Stealth Mode, Hiding your search queries, etc.

The Tracking Methods contain options for how you want the cookies to self-destruct themselves. Also, disabling cache and third-party authorization header can be enabled or disabled accordingly. The Browser API group contains the option of blocking WebRTC, PushAPI, Location, Java, and Flash. The Miscellaneous group contains options like hiding your IP, hiding your user-agent and more.


» Setup Mode: Silent-Activated
» File Size: 25 MB
» Software Info: 32 Bit
» Operating System: 7, 8 & 10; 32 & 64 Bit

Installation Notes

» Double click on the installer and wait for the installation completed notification or the icon to be appeared on the desktop.
» The software will activate itself with built in crack, no additional cracking or patching needed.
» If it’s not activated please uninstall the previous version, turn off the antivirus and install again.

Tips & Tricks

» Can block ads on browsers and most surprisingly also on uTorrent and Skype.
» Just use one adblocker. And if you have adblocker browser extension don’t use the app.

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