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Serato DJ

Serato DJ Pro is the latest version of Serato’s software for DJing, replacing the company’s Serato DJ app. It comes with some new features that are, frankly, long overdue: Practice Mode lets you try out blends a...

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If you are not satisfied with the sound quality on your computer or laptop, then perhaps it is time to consider using an audio enhancer. Regardless of whether you are watching movies, browsing YouTube or listening t...

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Avid Pro Tools

For many musicians, recording engineers, and producers alike—at Abbey Road Studios and Skywalker Sound, right on down to the smallest bedroom studios—Pro Tools feels like home. Aside from the much-maligned move ...

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GOM Player

Media players are a dime a dozen these days, but hardly any are as striking as GOM Player is. This resourceful piece of software will easily find its way onto your favorites list once you’ve understood what it bri...

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There are lots of music streaming services to choose from these days, with new offerings entering the market every month or so, but the one that always comes to mind first for us, and which consistently delivers, is...

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Krisp is a noise-canceling app that works with machine learning (AI) technology. This technology allows Krisp to improve its performance as it is used. It Identifies, analyzes and processes all the background noise ...

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Luminar AI

Luminar AI claims to be the world’s first photo editor to be fully powered by artificial intelligence – and it’s here to fill the obvious gap between basic image editing apps and pro-leaning programs l...

2 years ago5229 Views

Reaper, the digital audio workstation (DAW) from a tiny California company with big dreams, has come a long way since its 2006 launch. Reaper delivers live audio and virtual instrument recording, a full mixing conso...

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Sony Catalyst Production ...

The Catalyst Production Suite, from Sony, comprises Catalyst Prepare and Catalyst Edit. These are two 4K-capable programs designed for production and post production. Catalyst Prepare is a robust software package wi...

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SketchUp 2020

SketchUp is useful from the earliest stages of design to the end of construction. Programming, diagramming, design development, detailing, documentation, RFIs-wherever you need drawings, SketchUp pro comes in handy....

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Movavi Video Suite

Movavi Video Suite is not feature-rich, nor does the software claim to offer a pro-level editing experience. But the layout and interface are clear and easy to navigate, and beginners should have no problems creatin...

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Movavi Video Converter

Movavi Video Converter is an excellent choice for video converter software. It’s incredibly easy to learn and use. It converts videos faster than any product we tested. It also has a healthy library of preprog...

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Movavi Photo Editor

The point of Movavi Photo Editor is clearly stated up-front: to remove unwanted elements from your photos. While it does indeed carry out this function in an effective way, it hardly makes for a complete editing pac...

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Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder Studio is easily one of the best video capture software packages available today. Its wide range of recording, editing and production tools make it the ideal screen recording program for both ...

3 years ago3567 Views

Vegas Pro represents a major overhaul of the software that was originally developed by Sony but taken over by Magix. The company’s first post-sale version 14 in 2016 fixed many compatibility issues and bugs neglec...

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In all walks of commercial life, brands and products come and go, particularly when economic times are challenging. Music technology is not exempt from these harsh realities. We have, for example, just witnessed the...

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MAGIX Sound Forge

Sound Forge Audio Studio is a basic audio editor. It is far less expensive than its professional counterpart, Sound Forge Pro. However, Sound Forge Audio Studio still offers a handful of audio restoration tools, inc...

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MAGIX Video Pro X

MAGIX Video Pro X is professional video editing software that is gaining ground on the established industry-standard names. Over the past few years, MAGIX has steadily improved its pro video editing application by a...

3 years ago2160 Views

Lightworks is a professional video editing program that’s been around longer than many of the products we reviewed. It’s never gained widespread acceptance by the video editing community. However, just b...

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JetAudio provides users with an all-round multimedia manager. It supports the majority of both audio and video formats as well as Winamp plugins. It is definitely more than just a music player and that creates some ...

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