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Audacity is an open source, cross-platform audio editor and recorder. Audacity can record and play sounds and import and export WAV, AIFF, MP3, and OGG files. Edit your sounds using cut, copy, and paste features (wi...

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Picasa can transfer, find, organize, edit, print, and share images, all with this easy-to-use product. Watch Picasa automatically organize all your pictures into elegant albums by date. Having all your photos in one...

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v2020.06.19.40 |
KM Player

KMPlayer is a versatile multi media player which can cover a various different types of contained formats. Without any separate Codec, you are able to play any media files because KMP has its’ own internal Codec. ...

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VLC Player

VLC Media Player (formerly VideoLAN Client) is a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats, including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, MP3, and OGG, as well as for DVDs, VCDs, and various st...

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AIMP is a free audio player with support for large number of formats and playlists. It works with multiple playlists immediately, allows creation of bookmarks and also has a playback queue. Calling AIMP a music play...

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Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic Home Cinema is a free and simple media player. It supports all common video and audio file formats available for playback. Media Player Classic Home Cinema is 100% free with no advertisements, s...

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Avro Keyboard

Avro Keyboard was born in the 26th March, 2003 (The Independence Day of Bangladesh), bringing a new era in Bangla computing. It’s flexible, gorgeous, feature rich, totally customizable, user friendly and already h...

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Bijoy Bayanno

Bijoy Bayanno may be a smart software package for typewriting Bangla on your pc. you’ll sort each Unicode and Non Unicode Bangla with this software package. There square measure a lot of applications on the market...

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Shadhin Dictionary

To use computer for education purpose, dictionary plays an important part. But in our country due to lack of words and other necessary components the main goal of dictionary couldn’t be achieved. Thats where Shadh...

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v4th Edition
Cambridge Dictionary

Short, simple definitions in British English. Thousands of natural example sentences that show how the word is used in context: The entry for the verb protest shows that it is used with the preposition against. Spec...

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