Windows 7 Pro SP1 CS
Last Updated on Thursday, 22 October 2020 at 12:48 PM

An original CyberSpace production. This windows is exclusively modified for you. Many useful components are added to the windows which were missing in the original windows release. A very unique sets of tweaks are added which will ease your daily computer usage. You will not find anything close to this in whole Bangladesh :P, guaranteed! You might not have any idea how much time I’ve given into this project, modifying the settings and testing for getting every features to work properly. So please provide your feedback so that you can get these kind of releases in the future. Most importantly share this beauty with your friends.


» Version: Service Pack 1 | Build 7601.24545
» Setup Mode: Pre-Activated
» File Size: 2.7 & 3.3 GB
» Software Info: 32 & 64 Bit
» Operating System: 7; 32 & 64 Bit

Installation Notes

» For making a bootable pendrive use Rufus. Please follow the instructions on the Rufus’s page.
» For burning it to a DVD use ImgBurn and follow the instructions on it’s page.
» Insert the bootable pendrive on the PC you wanna give the setup to. Restart the PC and from the boot menu select the bootable device you just created and start the setup.
» Delete the old “C Drive” and also “System Reserve” & “Recovery” partitions if present, it will become a single “Unallocated Space”. Just select it and hit “Next”, the setup will begin.
» When the first phase of the installation is finished and the PC restarts for the first time just unplug the pendrive. Cause if it’s plugged in it will get assigned the D drive by default.
» During the setup process this Windows will not ask for any license key and you don’t need to install any activator, it will be activated automatically.


» Updates are added to the official release 7601.17514 to get the latest build 7601.24545.
» This Windows contains all the important updates till October 2020.
» All pro editions are given, volume license key added, auto activated with Windows Loader permanently. And for UEFI System it will auto activated with KMS VL ALL.
» Windows Auto Update is disabled. If you wanna enable auto update, there is a script in the ISO file inside the “Windows Setup Tools” folder. But normally you can just click “Check for update” to get the updates.
» Install WIM image is converted to highly compressed ESD file.
» Usually there are no games in the Pro edition, so the Microsoft Games are added. You can find the Games under the All Apps in the start menu.
» Program compatibility message is disabled, so there won’t be any “Is this program installed correctly” notifications.
» New apps installed message is disabled, so there won’t be any “You have new apps that can open this types of files” notifications.
» User Account Control is disabled, so there won’t be any full screen permission asking “Do you want to install” notifications.
» Taskbar jumplist is disabled, so there won’t be any “Recently opened items”.
» C drive will get renamed and will show the installed operating system eg. “Windows 7 Pro”.
» Pressing the power button will trigger Shut down and closing the laptop lid won’t do anything which were both set to sleep previously.
» Autoplay notification is disabled, only DVD drive and modems will show autoplay.
» Control panel icon view is set to All apps and large.
» My Computer and Control Panel icon has been added to the desktop with the Recycle Bin.
» Internet Explorer has been disabled.
» Timezone will be GMT +6.00 Dhaka.
» Date format will not show Month first, instead will follow “25-Oct-20”.
» “Siyum Rupali, Solaiman Lipi, Noto Sans Bengali, Kohinoor Bangla” fonts are added to enhance the Bangla reading experience.
» Notepad default font is set to “Kohinoor Bangla”, Font size “16” and Word Wrap is turned on.
» Microsoft Office default page size is set to “A4”, document selection at the opening has been disabled and ruler view is turned on.
» .Net Framework 4.8 has been added.
» DirectX 9 has been added.
» Microsoft Edge Chromium has been added and made default.
» Microsoft DART 7 recovery is added to the boot image, you can find it in the Repair your computer section.
» Windows Setup Media has been updated with Windows 10 Setup Media.
» Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) 8.1 has been added.
» Windows Management Framework (WMF) 5.1 has been added.
» Most used apps list has been disabled, so there won’t be any “Most used” items.
» Recently installed apps list has been disabled, so there won’t be any “Recently Installed” items.
» Notepad encoding UTF-8 has been set as default.
» Feedback collection is disabled.
» High DPI apps blur correction has been added.
» Operating system upgrade message has been disabled.
» Action center icon on the notification bar is disabled.
» No new apps will get highlighted.
» On the start menu “Documents, Music, Pictures, Network, Defaults, Printers, Help” are turned off and “Downloads, Games, Run” are turned on.
» USB3, NVMe, AHCI, RAID, LAN Drivers are added to setup, boot & recovery images.

Screenshot & Tutorial

Tips & Tricks

» If your PC has RAM less than 4GB eg. 2GB, you should setup the 32-Bit version.
» And if you have RAM equal or more than 4GB eg. 4GB, you must setup the 64-Bit.
» But if your processor is 64-Bit, you should setup 64-Bit; regardless the RAM amount.
» After Windows setup you must update the drivers, you can use DriverPack to install the drivers. It will work on any windows and any PC. Or you can update the Windows which will eventually update the drivers.


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